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*** Lesson Materials Posted 11/15/23 ***
  1. Guitar Chords With Color V5 (P)
  2. Guitar Fretboard In Color (P)
  3. Guitar Techniques Video 1 (V)
  4. Guitar Lesson: Right Hand Technique For Alternate PIcking Speed (V)
  5. Guitar Pentatonic Box 1 (M) (A) (P)
  6. Every Scale You Need - with ONE SHAPE (V)
  7. Blues Jam For Guitar (P)
  8. Guitar: Finger Exercises 1 (M) (A) (P)
  9. 10 Blues Chords (P)
  10. 15 Singer-Songwriter Chords (P)
  11. Guitar Chord Chart (P)
  12. Michael's Classical Etude 1 (M) (A) (P)
  13. Michael's Classical Etude 2 (M) (A) (P)

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