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I took virtual piano lessons with Jim for about a year until my work schedule got in the way. Even though I had been playing for many years and studied with other teachers, Jim was able to take me to another level with his wealth of experience and vast amount of material he made available during my time with him. I highly recommend Jim to anyone looking for music education.


ThumbTack Customer Feedback

There are teachers and there are Masters. Jim O. is a Master. No matter your level or age, Jim will work in his unique way to find, mold and enlighten the music genie inside you. I am an accomplished musician, but after working with Jim a very short time I realize it is as if I've been seeing in black and white. He has opened my eyes, ears and heart to Color, If you are seeking to grow musically in ANY way, stop your search. You have arrived 😉


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Experience exceeded all expectations. Thank you !


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My 5 year old won 2 free classes at Sound Reason Music Studio. She had SO much fun with Jim O! She didn't have a particular instrument in mind, so he let her try out lots of different instruments. I'm not sure which of them enjoyed it more! His love and excitement for music radiates from him and inspires everyone around him! We'll definitely be back for more lessons!


From A Young Student At Christmas

Jamie Beisell, Former Student, Music Tech Of Minneapolis

You were head of the keyboard department at Music Tech.   I must say that you are one of the most influential and inspiring people in my life.  Very cool dude!


Mike Kovacs, Music Teacher, New York City

A few years ago, I was placed in a composition class at Music Tech in Minneapolis. Within 10 minutes, everything I had learned about Music and composition from Rutgers University was upturned. Jim Oestereich's breath of knowledge, combined with his almost shamanistic teaching skill, changed my view on all I was taught. There is no other teacher with the knowledge, compassion, and understanding that I have ever met. I have seen him work with other students, as well as with the handicapped, and had my reality forever shifted. He's a teacher who can explain the basics to anyone of any age willing to learn, all the way to the most intricate and complicated Music Theory. Since being his pupil, I have set my standards according to what he has shown me and never looked back. There are people that call themselves teachers and are not teachers. There are people who call themselves teachers who try to teach. And then there is Jim Oestereich, the person to whom all teachers are measured against. Period.


Jan Kinen, Retired English Instructor

While in Boston I had the honor of observing Jim O teaching inner school children. In this particular lesson in the auditorium, they were to bring poems that they had written to the session. Jim, on the keyboard with a guitar accompanist, created a song on the spot and sang their poem with accompaniment. He did this for several of the children. One girl in particular that I remember seemed incredibly moved to hear her creation set to music. Other times I have observed Jim orchestrating entire plays. His enthusiasm is infectious. Beginning with the trumpet, his talents encompass piano, voice, and guitar to composition, performance and improvisation and on to classroom instruction and private lessons.