Student Review Of James (”JimO”) Oestereich - Professional Musician

“The week after Memorial Day of 1996, I was placed in a composition class at Music Tech in Minneapolis. Within 10 minutes, everything I had learned about Music and composition from Rutgers University was upturned. Jim Oestereich's breath of knowledge, combined with his almost shamanistic teaching skill, changed my view on all I was taught. There is no other teacher with the knowledge, compassion, and understanding that I have ever met. I have seen him work with other students, as well as with the handicapped, and had my reality forever shifted. He a teacher who can explain the basics to anyone of any age willing to learn, all the way to the most intricate and complicated Music Theory. Since being his pupil, I have set my standards according to what he has shown me and never looked back. There are people that call themselves teachers and are not teachers. There are people who call themselves teachers who try to teach. And then there is Jim Oestereich, the person to whom all teachers are measured against. Period.”

Mike Kovacs, Music Teacher, New York City