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*** Bastien Level 1 ***
*** Sound Prisms Piano Warm-Ups 1 SR ***
  • 01 Grand Staff -  V1 (P)
  • 02 Note Recognition 1: Basics (M) (A) (P)
  • 03 3-Note Scale Fragments 1 (M) (A) (P)
  • 04 3-Note Scale Fragments 2 (M) (A) (P)
  • 05 Building the Hand 5-Finger Exercises Part 1 (M) (A) (P)
  • 06 The Strong Hand 1: Finger Basics (M) (A) (P)
  • 07 Two-Handed Major Pentachords 1a V2 (M) (A) (P)
  • 08 354 Reading Exercises In C Position (P)
  • 09 All Through the Night RH (M) (A) (P)
  • 10 Czerny for Beginners (P)

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*** Notes ***

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