Hi Bethany

Here are your lesson materials

M = MuseScore File, A = Audio File, P = PDF File & V = Video

*** Lesson Materials Posted 5/30/24 ***

  1. Brighter Days - C (P)

*** Lesson Materials Posted 5/18/24 ***

  1. Brighter Days (P)

*** Lesson Materials Posted 11/30/20 ***

  1. Practice V1 (P)
  2. Practice Log V2 (P)

*** Lesson Materials Posted 11/5/20 ***

  1. Ten-Thousand Reasons 1 (M) (A) (P)

*** Lesson Materials Posted 10/20/20 ***

  1. 3-Note Scale Fragments 1 (M) (A) (P)
  2. 3-Note Scale Fragments 2 (M) (A) (P)
  3. Building the Hand 5-Finger Exercises Part 1 (M) (A) (P)
  4. Building the Hands 2 Alternating Finger Pattens 1 (M) (A) (P)
  5. Building the Hands Climbing and Falling Thirds (M) (A) (P)
  6. Hanon 1-Like Hand Warm-Up (M) (A) (P)
  7. Two-Handed Pentachords 1a (M) (A) (P)

*** Previous Lesson Materials ***

*** Notes ***

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