Hi Alan

Here are your lesson materials

M = MuseScore File, A = Audio File, P = PDF File & V = Video

*** Lesson Materials Posted On 6/2/21 ***

  1. Alan's Jive V2 (M) (A) (P)
  2. Memories Of Tomorrow (M) (A) (P)

*** Lesson Materials Posted On 5/9/21 ***

  1. Alan's Jive (M) (A) (P)

*** Minor Scales V4 ***

  1. Minor Scales 1a The Basic Forms V4 (M) (A) (P)
  2. Minor Scales 1b Exercise 1 V4 (M) (A) (P)
  3. Minor Scales 2a Natural Minor V4 (M) (A) (P)
  4. Minor Scales 2b Natural Minor V4 (M) (A) (P)
  5. Minor Scales 3a Harmonic Minor V4 (M) (A) (P)
  6. Minor Scales 3b Harmonic Minor V4 (M) (A) (P)
  7. Minor Scales 4a Melodic Minor V4 (M) (A) (P)
  8. Minor Scales 4b Melodic Minor V4 (M) (A) (P)
  9. Minor Scales 5a Melodic Minor V4 (M) (A) (P)
  10. Minor Scales 5b Melodic Minor V4 (M) (A) (P)
  11. Minor Scales 6a Dorian V4 (M) (A) (P)
  12. Minor Scales 6b Dorian V4 (M) (A) (P)

*** Lesson Materials Posted On 2/16/21 ***

  1. Blues Scale Improvisation: 1 V2 (M) (A) (P)
  2. Blues Scales: Major And Minor LPP V2 (M) (A) (P)

*** Lesson Materials Posted On 2/10/21 ***

  1. My Romance - Bill Evans Transcription (P)
  2. II-V-I's: Descending Steps 1 V3 (M) (A) (P)
  3. II-V-I's: Descending Steps 2 V1 (M) (A) (P)
  4. Jazz Chords: II-V-I's: Descending Steps V1 (M) (A) (P)

*** Lesson Materials Posted On 1/22/21 ***

Note - All new MuseScore lesson materials require MuseScore version 3.6 (Download The Update Here)

  1. Altered Dominant Chords And Scales: 2 (M) (A) (P)

*** Previous Lesson Materials ***

  1. Chordal Harmony (P)
  2. Altered Dominant Chords and Scales: 1 (M) (A) (P)
  3. Quiet As The Moon - Dave Brubeck (P)
  4. Oscar Peterson Highlights Jazz Piano (P)
  5. Original Piano Conceptions - Fats Waller (P)
  6. Ain't Misbehavin' (M) (A) (P)
  7. Three To Get Ready - Brubeck (P)
  8. It's A Raggy Waltz - Brubeck (P)
  9. Diminished Aimee (P)
  10. Lessons - Brubeck (P)
  11. Chord Voicings: Seventh Chords 3 (M) (A) (P)
  12. Chord Voicings: Major 7th Chords 2 (M) (A) (P)
  13. Chord Voicings: Seventh Chords 1 (M) (A) (P)
  14. Scales And Modes: Exercise 1 v3 (M) (A) (P)
  15. Blue In Geen/Lead Chart (M) (A) (P)
  16. Diatonic Chords 17 (P)
  17. Scales: Learning Pages 1 (M) (A) (P)
  18. Blues Scales Up And Down: 1 (M) (A) (P)
  19. Watermelon Man - Piano (P)
  20. WatermelonMan - Mongo3 (P)
  21. WatermelonMan - Mongo2 (P)
  22. WatermelonMan - Mongo1 (P)
  23. Do Re Mi - 2H (M) (A) (P)
  24. Watermelon Man (M) (A) (P)

*** Notes ***

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